Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thing 23: Summing up

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Okay, we've reached the end. Thank you to anyone who took part (the list of signed up bloggers is here, but thank you also to those who dipped in and out and tried out some Things) - I really hope some of it was useful and you'll continue to use 1 or more of these tools in the future. You can revisit the full list of Things at any time if you need a reminder or missed any out.

Huge congratulations to the winner of the best 23 Things blog award! There was a panel of judges across IT and the Library and we found picking a winner very hard - in the end there were four outstanding blogs that we thought deserved some recognition. In joint 3rd place (winning a small Amazon voucher each) were Rodge Butler-Ellis and Penelope Dunn - you can read Rodge's blog here, and Penelope's blog here. In second place (with a bigger Amazon voucher) was Ruth McMullen - read Ruth's blog here.

And the winner (with a really quite large Amazon voucher) was Maria Nagle. The blog was a really engaging read, there's plenty of ideas there to follow-up on, and it looks like it'll hopefully develop into a really interesting blog generally, now that 23 Things if finished. Check out Maria's efforts here.

A great many 23 Things blogs go on to just become normal blogs in the future, so if you've started blogging, don't stop now...

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